Sunday, May 29, 2011

Broga hill

My friends and I went to Broga hill sometime in April, it was supposed to be a sun-rise-catching-trip kinda thing but we missed it.

Nevertheless, it was something new. Fresh air and different scenes. Join the journey were:

Adorable Cheryl

Hairy Reza

Cam-whore queen, Miaow

and my tarling, Ah Ma

We reached after 7+, it was bright sunny day. The light was really hash, the sky was dull and the weather was hot and who said it was easy to hike? No, it was not. Ok, maybe I'm not good in hiking but it was freaking scary at time. Well, the view worth the climb after all.

Ermmm I should go out more often, the rate of being anti-social is going up like a bitch! Where's next?

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