Sunday, May 01, 2011

KFC never fail to disappoint me, period

May I present to you the new dish from KFC, Chicken Chop.
Personally, it's a no no. Did you notice the size of the wedges and the chicken? The best part, this set (with soft drink) cost me RM 10. 50.... freaking expensive with tiny chicken (my office food court would be the better choice).

Friend asked me why I do not like KFC, well you have got your answer. I would go McD for Fried Chicken. By the way, this is personal opinion and this is what I like.

I had to order extra thing to fill my tummy up. At least toast pocket taste better and hell a lot worth it than that chopchop.

KFC's Toast Pocket @ RM 7.80 (after tax)

p.s. I still figure out how to blog straight from iPhone, especially upload the picture. Any advice?


Ben said...

Yes, RM 10.50 for a pitiful size of chicken chop is really disappointing but still KFC still never short of customers wiling to be leach :D Like your KFC candid post! Oh ya, i will not be updating my old blog at Ben's Slice of Life... check-out my new photoblog at Cheers!

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

haha yeah... I don't know why I keep give them a chance... maybe I should stick to my believe.

Sure thing, will drop by :P