Friday, September 05, 2008



    1. Time stated in terms of the day, month, and year.
    2. A statement of calendar time, as on a document.
  1. A specified day of a month.
    1. A particular point or period of time at which something happened or existed, or is expected to happen.
    2. dates The years of someone's birth and death: Beethoven's dates were 1770 to 1827.
  2. The time during which something lasts; duration.
  3. The time or historical period to which something belongs: artifacts of a later date.
  4. An appointment.
    1. An engagement to go out socially with another person, often out of romantic interest.
    2. One's companion on such an outing: kopiais is on a date.
  5. An engagement for a performance.

, dat·ed, dat·ing, dates: kopiais is dating someone.

p.s.: you know what I mean...


maoi said...


A wish from maoi

Maoi wishing both of u
sweet sweet and happy happy forever~

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

-__-" speechless...