Friday, September 26, 2008

I was reading an article past from Pete [because I always complaint to them about how my juniors behave at works]
The article talks about "How good a boss are you?".
Then I realize why would I have to read all these? I'm not the boss![sigh~ fine! indirectly I am]
Why would you let someone who constipate highly boiling temperature at most of the time to manage 3 branches of your company and another 3 juniors!!

I'm not ready yet!!

Seriously *one-eyebrow-up-and-one-down* ?? haih tired la like that

Things might get out of hand you know? What if at one point we are ready to past down the tasks to the next person but they screw up and we have to take it back, isn't it? And do you actually think that I can cope with everything?

I'm so so overloaded...
sometime I thought why would I have to do that?
Should I do like other? Lunch time just go for lunch la.
If cannot finish work today then go back la 7pm already what?

ah ha!

Not just that you know, people still bitches behind your back when you work hard! [O.o]

Ooo about the article they mention if you are given three things to your subordinates then you are considered the good one. lolz oo really??
Let's do some check list together:
  1. First is fairness. They want to feel that they're being recognized and rewarded fairly for what they contribute.[CHECKED]
  2. Second is achievement. People want to be proud of the organization and of their place in it.[MAYBE- hey! it's not my decisions lah]
  3. And third, camaraderie, meaning good working relationships and a sense of belonging to a team. [MAYBE - I did my parts at least!]
Haih...I'm so very out of my control [>_<]

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