Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NOW I know where the fuck is that 'd-low' sign from....

Last night I went out with my colleagues, it was the boss's birthday. So we went for dinner and drinks.

Let's skip to the drinks part [I'll update the dinner later on, no worries]

I saw this d-low sign, and I was mumbling to Kah Wai that "I saw this d-low sign thingy somewhere before, not sure where" then I added "maybe in KL, did you put in your blog?"
Then Kah Wai said NO. So I keep thinking and thinking and thinking...then I finally said... "dunno le, maybe they do have one in KL" then my boss added "you mean copy-cate?" I said "I dunno, maybe... cos I'm sure I saw this sign in Malaysia just can't get it out where!!?"

Who knows my boss turn around and talk to some guy and said "hey, she said your place is copycate!!"

I was like holy shit... whatthefuck!!
The next second I thought naaaa the guy would have heard the entir conversation anyway....

HELL NO!!! He was like trying to explain to my boss blah blah blah....then my boss poke me and said "he's talking to you" whatthefuck if you are talking to me call me first, you idiot!!

NVM, I turned around and look at him... then he was questioning me: "DO YOU LISTEN TO ME?" [you have no idea how rude he was!!] I wanted to answer "NO" but I just ignored it and turn back. Fuck You la!

Do I look like I'm fucking care what you trying to act in front of my boss!! idiot!!

FYI, the boss that I mentioned wasn't really my boss...she's based in Cambodia, so kinda Cambodia's campus boss...and She's freaking HOT.

Now why am I so mad with this joker, he acted like he's 20+ years old and trying to defend himself and his place. C'mon man you look like you are 40+ can you use your fucking brain and think before you spit the fucking shit out of your mouth? I belived he did heard the entir conversation but he just acted so childish~ idiot!!

Oh btw, I knew I've seen that sign in KL, Yes I did. It was in Alan's phone. He took it in Cambodia but I did see it in Malaysia... my memories would have capture the location that I flipped throught the photo hahaha so good la my brain...lolz

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