Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm very very very disappointed...still.

You have no idea who loves you and who hates you.

All you can do is follow your instinct and desired and hopefully it won’t make people hate you. Being hated wasn’t the best thing happen in your life. If you couldn’t accept the fact that people hates you, nothing you could do. You can’t force them to love you though.

Yourself sometime wouldn’t know what you have done to anyone, directly, indirectly or being the third parties which cause the damage to them. If your intention is good but the way you chose wasn’t, that’s it, no one could save you.

Being honest and straight forward doesn’t make you look pure or innocent.
Being committed doesn’t make you respective.
Being loyal doesn’t make you look good.

I am honest, committed and loyal. I ended up with pour pain, less respect and look bad day by day.

For some reasons, some people couldn’t get what you mean or what you are doing.
For some reasons, they couldn’t accept the facts you did for the good.

It is just the way it is.

I’ve been here for sometime now, and I’ve never disrespects what I’m doing, who I’m doing with and what or who I’m doing it for, ever. And I just couldn’t accept when people contrary think about the way it is. I understand, that is just what they are and how they think. Ignorant could help sometime but I couldn’t let it go.

If I walk away, I might be a loser; but I seriously consider moving on and away.
I couldn’t force people to think the same way I think. I couldn’t change them.
I’m sorry to my friends who have been encouraging me and supporting me all this while.
If I’ve ever harm you, hurt you or even make you felt bad, please forgive me. I’ve never meant that way.

Disappointment, disrespecting and hate fill all over me.


Dennis said...

Life is not easy everyone knows that.

A best friend once told me, when you choose to forgive what others have done wrong, it doesn't mean you are a loser, it's just about choices. You choose to take the easy path of life. That's all.

As you said yourself all the time, sorry no cure. But why you still chose to hurt the others first then say sorry instead of don't hurt anyone so you don't have to say sorry at all?

Life is complicated enough, why don't we choose a path that leads to a better life?

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

I've never even think of hurting anyone, but what I did might hurt them. I don't know, just like what have happened, I never know what I did affected them till they have to spit it out that way.
In case I might have been hurt anyone without knowing, I'm Sorry. That's all.

BTW, I chose not to continue this stupid things and I might consider transfer out sooner or later.