Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the chap...

Life is unpredictable. Life is an adventure. Life is fragile. Life is a wonderful thing.
Today, we smile we laugh together. Tomorrow might never be the same again.
Like they said, people just come and go all the time, wish we are not the last one to go (it's just too sad, isn't it?)
The last day for Max in CCC is Today.
Max is not just my colleague but a friend. A good one.
Little too crazy, little too stubborn, little too creative and lively. That's Max.
I couldn't stop laughing every time he start his lame jokes (even other found it is not funny). 
I love his lame jokes though.

For the worst time, I cried, he was there for me and be my supporter even he didn't know how.

I wouldn't expect myself writing this post though. I wouldn't think I would miss him that fast (it was like what...1 hour since he left?) but Yes, I miss him because I know he will not be here again soon or ever again I guess.

It's kinda lame post I think. But I wish to release it, little bit heavy chess now.

You taught me to fight, to live and to love. I thank you.
I'm sorry if I've ever upset you (I know sorry no cure, but that is the best I could do for now).
You are one chapter of my life :). One proud chapter that I have.

There's no party that never end. Let's live on.

Stay Happy, Stay Lively and Stay Milky... Will ya?



p.s. I have another goodbye to do. I'm scared. Pray hard for me. :( 

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Dennis said...

It's kind of weird because after he left, he will be seeing a whole new world ahead of him. But as for us, everything else will still remain the same.