Sunday, December 14, 2008

a Good Me && a Good Weekend

I was out doing some Christmas shopping with Tracy at IOI today. And I bumped into Siang Chin, my old friend. So we had lunch and talked about the old day at MMU.

Siang Chin

"Oi, Cheryl!! if you are reading this, call us for yumcha or something la. You were like MIA like that.... miss you geh! call me okeh??"

Oouuuu oouuu I *
volunteer* to help Siang Chin for her community services too [angel's ring on the head!].

Okay lah, I wasn't volunteer at the first place. Because her friends were late or something like that and she needed a hand XD

It was a Free Gift Wrapping Service!! ah ha! I was kinda shaking and stuff but I enjoyed the moment and the day with her and tracy lolz.

After the service, we head back with the volunteer gift!! wooohoooo

Tracy & Me posing with our t-shirt

Angel pose

I am an angel...wiiiii

The Heavently Gift

Okay, let's introduce about the service and the events for a bit.
The service is called
Free Wrapping Gift sponsorde by IOI Mall and the events is called The Heavently Gift, you can check out more at Siang Chin's page.
It is the charity for the Orphange homes for this coming Christmas if I'm not mistaken ^_^.

I feel sooooooo goooood afterall. Thank you soooooooooooo much Siang Chin that gave me the opportunity to help out and enjoy the publicity which I've never in my life did it!

And Guess what? I got myself a Christmas Tree!!! Woooohoooo so happy hehe

It is not yet fully decorated lo, bit by bit for now ^___^

p.s. me is happy and so full of Christmas spirit !


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Dennis said...

Wah Christmas tree!!! But why is it so thin one? Not enough nutrients?

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

after decorate only fat fat ma hahaha