Saturday, December 27, 2008

This year wasn't the best year but I feel alive after all.
Been through quite a lot of things, the bad - the good and the ugly kekeke.
Anyway, that what is life all about, isn't it?

We had the gift exchange in the office as usual... This year is the happening one ^__^.

lots of gifts
(the big one is mine XD)

and I got this from my mysterious santa hehe
I called it, Momo the shaker!!
touch it, you will know what I mean XD

cute lil gift from Christine ^___^

(btw, that's the bad bad spelling!)

and of course my long arriving gift from Cambodia XD

from Chris

lovely gift from Su (other colleague of mine)
On a different note, why so many people are getting married and engaged? whatthefuck!

oooo and lots of birthday too O.o

p.s. coming birthday is Dom's!

Ben's got me the Camera (I went like wow~~ are you serious?)
Ya, I know why he gave me la... no need to mention here hahahaha

not enough gifts?

and I've got myself two portable players T____T whatthefuck~!!

till then

Have a wonderful holiday~~
In case I don't see you again, Have a wonderful New Year ^__^

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