Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Me: What's the plan for Christmas?
Denslee: No, nothing. Christmas is to celebrate the born of Jesus Christ just like Wesak day celebrating the born of Buddha. Haha so I don't celebrate Christmas.
Me: -___-"

It does make sense though.
So...Do you celebrate Christmas?
or Do you actually celebrate the holiday?

I guess I'm not celebrating Christmas then. How about you?
Who says??? I'm going to celebrate holidays though muahaha

I'm so full of the so-called *holiday* spirit. The Christmas songs really warm me up every now and then.
Religiously, is Christmas only for Christianity? Maybe...or Definitely.

But it is really nice to gather around during holidays, no?

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Misssiangchin said...

:) No Christmas is not only for christian.

If the God that call himself GOD of this Universe, then we are in this, why can't everyone celebrate it? There is no such thing as Muslim God only for muslim, Hindu for Hindu. God is a BIG GOD and for everyone.