Tuesday, December 02, 2008

time flies...whatthefuck~~

Remember I was just telling my supervisor that I will go and find him every month which I've never did [not funny, okay?]

tic toc tic toc...

365 days

8760 hours

525600 minutes

3156000 seconds

wow....that looks like a lot and long.... but it's not! whatthefuck T___T

Now what?

No idea

There are few persons I want to thank for all this while...

Tim, for nothing and give me lots of trouble [which I think he teased my temper and knowledge!]
James, for his advices and kindness...
Max, for his kindness, love [as a friend, silly], care and cute [hahaha he looks so pretty today]
Dennis, Kevin, Pete, for their [also] love, care, kindness and naughty
Zenn, Jong, Jenn Ting, Robin, Batman and everyone in CCC [except some certain people] for care and being friend..
all my MMU friends, for their love, care and kindness everytime I need help and they always there for me [sobsob...so touch]
Ben, who make me believe that I could live without him and without Love!

Back home, Thanks to my parent who always kacau me every weekend and make me feel that I'm not alone!!

To you [yes, You], who teach me not to rush and learn to let thing go if I could not control the situation.

Happy One Year Anniversary~~

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Blue Crystal said...

ConGrATulaTiONs sayang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT's not easy to survive in LUCT for 1year....and somemore your working life is stressfullll...You should feel proud of it!!! Remember tis "U R Strong"