Monday, August 31, 2009

At the age of mid twentieth, I learn a lot of things. I learn to love. I learn to give and take. I learn to forgive. I learn to let go. I learn from my mistakes and many more. I always thought that we sometime could simulate the feeling. Though I need to take that back. I was not right. The simulation of the feeling I was referring to is Love.

I have read a book titled, Five People You Meet in Heaven. The story of a man's life who always thought he was nobody and accomplished nothing in his life. But the reflection was telling a different story how each life could interfere one and another. The one chapter that I remember the most is when Eddie's birthday (the main character in the book). He was reminded about how happy he was when his late wife around and celebrated his birthday. I could simply feel how much Eddie loves his wife. How much he want to be with her forever. How he never want anybody else but her. I don't know if such man exists in this world.

On the very same day I finished the book, I watched the movie UP. There is the similarity of love story. How a man fall in love in the childhood. Got married with the person he truly loves. Live their lives together til death took them apart.

It touches the heart how love can be so wonderful. How a simple life could be so wonderful by simple love. They never let go of their true love. If they have to go around the world just to be with the person that they love for one more day, they would.

It reminds me how true love form. When you love someone for who they are. When you love someone and happy to see them happy even you were not in the picture. When you never want them to be unhappy. Back to earlier statement that I mentioned about simulate the feeling. I now know that I have to be where it was like to be in the moment that someone holds my hands and tell me he loves me. The moment that I could simply tell that he means it by looking in his eyes. I couldn't possibly guess the feeling if I was not there. The moment that he kisses my forehead when he sees me than just the word hello. The moment he calls me back when I hanged up his call. The moment he watches me sleep in his arms. The moment he told me I'm beautiful when I'm all dirt. That's Love actually.

Now, for those who have watched UP, tell me this: the moment that Carl Fredricksen flips his wife's Adventure Book. Who does it remind you?

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