Saturday, August 22, 2009


I've been so reluctant to my work lately, don't know why. But yeah, I'm gonna work my ass off this weekend. But before that , let see what was going on last week.
Well, let's see... Been to the interview. Decline the offer. Have a lot more to think about my life here, Malaysia. Have a lot more to archive. Have a lot more to consider. Arrgghh Life!!

Last Saturday, Boss came back from oversea. BIG boss asked to go to the airport and welcome the mini Boss. So we went, before he arrived we grabbed breakfast at the Cafe Marche, KLIA.

My RM 20++ breakfast

Cappuccino Cafe

Poached Ham Sandwich

On the same day at night, I went to the Preservation Hall Jazz Band Performance. It was awesome. I love the performance, I was so excited at the end of the performance, the band walked out of the hall and perform at the entrance. They had the autograph session and I was in the line *wings*

Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Check out more photo at Dennis (what do you know...I was too excited to take any photo)

Went out makan makan minum minum with Katak, Penguin, Ah Miaow and Ah Ma (I know what you're thinking, suck it up XD)

Vegetarian food make you clever-er hahahaha (insider joke)

Later, I'm going for movie...alone. Naaa it ain't that sad. There's nothing wrong with going out watch movie or shopping alone though.

Til then...have a great weekend ahead *wings*

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