Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ogghhhhh I've just got the photo of the Haydn Orchestra from Dennis. T____T
It was my first visiting orchestra (at least managed to visit) hehe.

Haydn Orchestra: The Season

This is how I interpreted from what I hear in the orchestra...
Spring: Happy [bit boring though]
Summer: Sad [sad and sleepy]
Autumn: Love [Happy, fun and just loving]
Winter: Cold [lonely, sad and hope]

I enjoy watching orchestra but sometime it could be really boring and make me almost fall asleep lolz. I can't wait for the coming concert of Preservation Hall Jazz Band, this Saturday. So excited XD.

Check out their plays :P

Okay, enough of the music and stuffs. Let's get back to food! Yes, Food!!
Went to The Apartment for dinner before the Orchestra. Hmmm not bad. Well decorated, nice food, well service, costly hahaha Oh well, as long as I am happy and enjoying the food bit costly woudn't blow the whole evening ;).

Mussels with Bread

Baked Fish Fillet

Poached Bacon Sandwich

Crab cake

House wine

Passionfruit breeze

and yes I was enjoying the place and the food :P

with Kah Wai

eh hem... some shot... but I like it though XD

Kinda like this shot too hehe


Dennis said...

The last pic looks like you are getting ready for something...

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

what thing?