Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Taman Pertanian - Mountain Cycling

I went cycling again last Sunday @ Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam. It was a hell lots of fun and challenging. I wasn't expected anything like that. It was mountain cycling. You go up up up and down down down *weeeewwwww* hehehe really fun.

Get Set

And as an experience with Putrajaya Lakeside cycling, I was expected less people too. T__T" God knows everyone loves cycling. There were buses after buses (mainly schools training and camping) and lots of people went for cycling and I would think half of the people go for the SkyTrex (I'm going again for this soon XD).

Dennis and Kahwai joint the trip with me.

The place is huge and forestry

First destination: Watch Tower

It says, the journey won't be complete if we don't go up to the tower....

So we did and left our bikes behind....

way up

Reached the tower with effort and sweat

The Watch Tower

pose pose

That was one of the to-go-places, so we turned and head to another direction for the dam. Hmmmm the dam... was...at... way up up the mountain. T_____T" But we went anyway.

Below are the preview of the places that we went by hehe...

Check out the map of the hill

ah ha!! we made it to the peak!!

@ Animal Garden

@ Animal Garden

Four Seasons House

@ 4 seasons house

@ 4 seasons house

@ 4 seasons house

@ Observation Tower 2

Dr. said take less spicy food T___T" so I have only one chilly

Lost chilly @ Mushroom Musuem

kopiais XD

p.s. the HD photos are stolen from Dennis's album ahahaha :P Check them out at his's facebook


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I think I start to miss the trip already!!!

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