Saturday, August 08, 2009

Gastric: The How

My gastric issue gotten quite serious recently. The last couple of weeks I went out drink with colleagues, after the third glass of Vodka I was down like a dying dog.
The pain was pretty bad til I had to go home and forget about the fun.

Two weeks after, I got that again after my earlier whole day empty stomach.
I went to see doctor the next day for some advise, she said my stomach is very gassy and empty (even after I took breakfast). She gave some gastric medicines.
There I asked, in the case of gastric pain is there any way to ease the pain faster and more effective before I reach the doctor?
The answer I got was: some people will take soya milk or milk to ease the pain but it depends on the acid level in the stomach.

Not quite sure what she meant by that, I start googling around.

Milk is alkaline component and it will neutralize the acidity of the gastric juice in the stomach that is causing the gastric pains. However, it also depend on the gastric level in the stomach, take note that milk also contains fats and protein that encourage more acid juices to be secreted in the stomach so that it can digest the proteins. If your acid level is high milk will cause more painful than usual.

There are a lot more complicated explanation but I guess this is the easiest one that I could give from what I understand hehe

Practice brings perfection (there I said it)

- Drink lots of water
- Avoid having alcohol or coffee
- Avoid acidic/sour drinks and spicy food
- Have enough rest and exercise
- Practice regular meal time
- Avoid overeating
- If you can't make it at the regular meal time, grab some nutrition food to chew (bread and/or fruit juice, surprisingly Aloe Vera fruit juice help to digest the food very well)
- Have protein and enough fruit (especially Bananas and Avocados, they have to balance the acid level in the stomach)

Share if you have more information *smile*

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