Friday, April 03, 2009

02 April 2009: what the ....

This is what I saw this morning when I left the house to work

why on earth were they fogging in that early morning??

01 April 2009: for real

I finally got the time to put the crystal soil and the plant together gether T__T
that busy meh??

nice ma? *loving*

Meet my other four roomies (some of them you met before) : triplet, big head, greeny and leafie

short conversation:
kevin: how come this year you don't do prank April fool? last year you did to me T_T
me: hehe I learn my lesson (remember what happen last year?)
kevin: got such thing meh?
me: *scratching head* don't know..but got the feeling lolz

31 March 2009: Engineer

This is the genius

The opened up TV antenna

He had to do this only we can watch the TV T___T

p.s. my housemate is damn good in this kind of things...he even invented the soft-toy modem O.o

30 March 2009: hmmmm

My house is damn good lo, can see all sort of sky color and moon XD

29 March 2009: now where was I? Ooo ya... @ office cilaka!!

28 March 2009: Earth Hour day...what?

I feel so green and healthy till it came across my mind that I should do it

p.s. screwed the fact that it might already existed somewhere by someone...but who cares...

my shopping and meal book

I should go back to study....G'night!

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