Wednesday, April 08, 2009

It's different

I started my day with guilt because I only finished one test case last night T____T
I did not even document it *sober*.

This is how my morning went...

Section I

There was the auditors visiting at office, so I was asked to be present in the meeting by 9.00 am sharp. I went and so did the rest of selected executive staffs. The events chairman changed the schedule without informing anyone not even her PA. Therefore, we all were waiting at the boardroom to welcome the auditors but nobody shown up.

After few phone calls only we found out they changed the schedule. And there I was not really angry because it's been a culture of tremendously changes in office back then and now.

Section II

Got back to my office, my colleague told me that the training that I was registered is not applicable for foreigner. I felt little bit offended. Look, it was not just that. I was talking to the other colleague and asked him to send the contact to me; I would like to clarify. He sent to others but me. Like they would say IN YOUR FACE!! Because we are not the local and we can't do almost anything. Fine by me. I live in your country I follow your rule, fair enough.


Section III

Being called for the auditing meeting for several times but they again were still changing the schedules and I had to walk up and down from office to the boardroom (the lift was not functioning T__T). They do not respect anyone at all, not even themselves. Goddamn it!! Can somebody teach them how to be a real professional already!!??

Section IV

Got several calls from one after anothers to troubleshoot the user problems, I almost burst out. Why can't things work out smoothly when I was not in the mood?

Consumption of the day

Hey, guess what? I did not burst out. I did not went out for a smoke or 5mn break fresh air (that's what I normally do when I'm moody) either. I did not even throw my temper at anyone. I somehow manage to calm myself almost completely (well, I was not totally but I was cool).
So proud of myself *sob*sob*

I am gonna live myself happily and healthily (if there such word) as long as I am still breathing!!

Psstttss..who am I kidding with hahahahha

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