Sunday, April 05, 2009

Daorae Korean BBQ @ Taipan USJ

Last Monday I went to Taipan to settle some stuffs and so to have lunch there.

Taipan USJ is a busy crowded area with lots of business and lots of food offerred!!!

So we wanted to have Bak Kut Teh there, but we couldn't find the place so we ended up eating Korean BBQ... on a Monday for Lunch O.o

Daorae @ Taipan USJ

went with these fellas (included the red t-shirt fella lolz)

Beef Set

Side Dishes

We ordered two sets @_@
Notice: looks like the three fellas are gonna jump on the grill for the red meats lolz

Beef Set

came along with Steam Eggs

Korean Sushi set

Korean Style Seafood Pancake

Services: 8 over 10 Friendly and Good
Cleaness: 8 over 10
Portion: 8 over 10
Taste: 8 over 10
Price: 7 over 10
Overall: 7.8 over 10 I definately will go back... if I have chance

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