Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a very angry comment on some idiots...[Parental Advise]

Ooo my lord... how can one become a SENIOR Administration Executive when one so fucking dumb and lazy.

You* are such a fucking shit head who sit there and shape up your nails, complain about how suck is your job, complain about how suck the government is, gossip about the two who just recently dating. Have you ever think about yourself?

You call yourself a Senior AE? I doubt your qualification. You can't even handling a computer!! You know what is your job scope? If you don't know, nahhh read this...

Administration Executive:

Job Purpose

Handling administrative functions for the department.

Main Accountabilities

• Assisting in drafting and typing letters
• Organising / maintaining / handling/ filing all internal and external correspondence
• Arranging appointments, organize meetings/conferences
• Coordinating travel arrangements for staff on work matters
• Following up with staff and/or clients on reports
• Assisting in preparing reports
• Assisting/attending to all incoming calls for the department
Assisting in updating timesheets and handling of claims
• Taking department meeting minutes
• Conducting research and maintenance of clients’ profiles and proposal database
• Coordinating all the training courses and maintain a staff training records
• Maintaining scheduling record
• Handling stationery requisition, printing, binding and general logistics support

Clear enough now? Have you done any of these today? or maybe yesterday? I bet not. And you have four people to assist you... what the fuck is that!!

"Oh I've got urgent things to do lah... " blah blah blah...

Do you think others so fucking free and voluntarily to do your job?
Has it ever occur to you that....If I'm not an SAE why would I do YOUR job?

A little ideal here: If I sold you a car, it DOES NOT MAKE ME YOUR DRIVER!!!

Or is it you keep your brain in the fridge at home?
Oh wait ... you can't answer me that because you did not have any right now!

Oh no, you DO have one now, but you can't use it.
Because you such a shit head! Your brain is full of shit. Awww so poor poor thing....


I hate when people who are just hired to provide such a simple service and just can't accomplish it.

Note: You* here is referred to the idiot whom I work with as an SAE! It's just work, not personal!

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