Sunday, April 05, 2009

Akanbo's farewell dinner

We went to Manhattan Fish Market for some nice dinner with Akanbo before he head to Korea to take some short courses for couple of months.


Tropicana Breeze [Ahhhhhhhhhh]

Butter Cheese Mussel
Very the jelly good...but fat fat *guilty*

Garden Salad

Grill Mix Set

Grill Mix Set
(we did order the fried mix set, but I was too busy eating...didn't manage to take photo hehe)

Akanbo also was busy with the food...till he didn't bother to pose for me T____T

they all mine...

hehe i eat it arr

lemme eat' em all...


-___-" [and i gave up]

After dinner we were talking till the restaurant almost was a nice chit chat session... I remember back last couple of years we were talking about our researches and stuffs... but now we all were talking about our job and how we dealing with the jobs and people.

Time is really flying...who knows after couple years some of us might be talking about being a parent o.O

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